Academy of Peak Performers

The only membership you need to find balance and achieve your next goals (with proven results!).

Get monthly coaching and join an exclusive group of Peak Performers for accountability and commitment.

Why I created the Academy of Peak Performers

Long hours in the office, late nights finishing projects, a never-ending to-do list, good intentions to start a new routine or spending some time to focus on yourself, but it just never happens...

I created the Academy of Peak Performers to help you along the way. To create a safe space and time for you to reflect, to set new intentions and goals and to finally stick to them. In the bi-weekly coaching calls, we go deep on what is holding you back, we identify patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and help you create more powerful belief systems that help you on the way to develop your workplace superpowers...and beyond!
  • You feel like your life is out of balance: you feel stressed, overwhelmed, unfocused
  • You feel like you never have enough time in the day to get everything done
  • You struggle to find motivation to create new routines
  • Feel productive and focused without getting distracted
  • Set routines at work and in your personal life, and actually stick with it
  • Overcome negative self-talk, self-doubt and establish a strong identity
  • Ensure you are following through with the goals and intentions you are setting
  • Level up in your career while staying sane
  • Take care of yourself by building a healthy lifestyle

Welcome to the Academy of Peak Performers

Your Benefits

What you can expect: 
  • Build new peak performance tools sustainably over time
  • Receive monthly inspiration and affirmations
  • Get accountability from an intimate group of like-minded people
  • Receive personalized advice 
  • Interact with Julia in bi-weekly group sessions
By joining the Academy of Peak Performers, you get:
  • Exclusive Member Access
  • Monthly Focus Topic with Coaching Exercises
  • Bi-Weekly 60-minute Live Coaching with Julia 
  • Exclusive Guest Speakers and Bonus Material
  • Access to all previous Recordings of Monthly Workshops
  • ...and amazing Bonus Material (scroll down to learn more)

Receive inspiring monthly affirmations for your phone

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefited from Julia's Group Coaching sessions. I found it helps me center myself in ways that carry me throughout the week and month, and is growing my positive mindset muscles to improve my mental health and well-being. In particular, I enjoy how interactive the sessions are. With a healthy mix of education and sharing as a group, I am able to think about my personal goals in a guided setting, and when I share with the group it reinforces my goals and mindset in a meaningful way. Julia is a great guide and coach. She is open, non-judgemental, and results-focused. I consider her an important force for good in my life!” 

- Sarah W., Executive Assistant, Google

Results Speak Louder Than Words

“I am guilty of not investing time into my own professional development, letting it fall by the wayside. When the opportunity to work with Julia and the group arose, I jumped in: 1 hour per week to be a better professional was something that I couldn't say no to. It was a small enough commitment that no excuse of "too busy" could hold up. In the last 2 weeks, I have learned to establish boundaries to improve my work-life balance (no more working until midnight); become more productive by allowing myself to let email build up; and felt more in control of my schedule even as my workload tripled. Every week, there's one action that you can take to become a better professional, and with just 30 minutes of investment outside of class, I've experienced a drastic, positive change. Thank you Julia for your guidance and coaching.” 

Anya P.

Executive Assistant, Google

"Julia is an extraordinary coach! She creates an environment where psychological safety and positive reinforcement are essential. Through her Peak Performance Method, I have been able to improve my performance and well-being through intentional boundary setting, identifying and focusing on priorities, and decreasing negative self-talk. Julia has had a profound impact on my life and I am immensely grateful." 

Lauren T.

Executive Assistant, Google

You ask - I answer!

I completed one of your programs and / or workshops. Does it still make sense for me to join?

Absolutely. The idea behind the Academy of Peak Performers is to continuously invest in your personal development and receive support to integrate new tools into your day-to-day life.

If I never attended one of your trainings / programs before, does it still make sense for me to join?

Yes! The content in the Academy of Peak Performers is based on the Peak Performance Method. You will learn new tools and techniques on a monthly basis to grow your suit of personalized tools to thrive at work and in your personal life.

How does it work?

The Academy of Peak Performers is a weekly group coaching program limited to 20 people. Every month, we dive into a new topic to help you develop peak performance tools for your day-to-day life. All topics and tools are based on the Peak Performance Method.

We meet bi-weekly, on Wednesdays at 8am PST, for workshop-style trainings, journaling prompts, goal setting and personalized coaching. If you can't make it to one of the sessions, fear not! Everything will be recorded and is available in your library to rewatch at a time that's convenient for you.

The meetings are held on Google Meet.

How does payments work?

The monthly membership price of $199 will be automatically withdrawn from your account on a month-to-month basis.

If you pick the yearly membership plan, money will be withdrawn only once. 

There are no refunds for monthly or yearly membership.

How can I exit the Academy of Peak Performers if I feel like it's not for me?

You can terminate your membership at the end of each month. If you still have some doubts, don't worry. Give the Academy of Peak Performers a chance - you will see, you will love it :-)!

When can I register for the Academpy of Peak Performers?

You can join the Academy of Peak Performers at any point in time. Please note that the new monthly topic will be covered in the first week of the new month, you will get access to all recordings and you can jump in at any point.

How much time should I account monthly for the Academy of Peak Performers?

For the monthly focus topic, the weekly coaching sessions and exercises, I recommend to plan around 4 hours / month. Besides that, it is on you on how much time you invest in your day-to-day to integrate new tools or invest in additional journaling exercises to develop your superpowers.

There is a limit of 20 people per group - what if I am too late?

If the group limit of 20 people is reached, you will be able to join a new group.

Is there a trial period?

Unfortunately not. As soon as you sign-up for the membership, you will have access to all material of the previous months. Please keep in mind that you can cancel at any point in time and worst case, you only pay one month if you don't like it.

More Customer Stories

“Group coaching with Julia is useful because you see what you are going through and recognize how others in your group have the same challenges. Julia is always bringing positivity along with new ideas and approaches to think about, which has led me to learn more on my own. The weekly check-ins add a bit of accountability to keep setting goals for myself and making progress on my way to being a happier worker."

Bayard R.

Program Manager, Google

“A few months ago, I joined Julia's workshops and group coaching sessions in search to build my self-confidence and help me navigate ambiguity. Julia is an amazing coach and has made a very positive influence on me. I've learned that I am not alone and if you want to make a change in your life, you need to be patient and be ready for a lifestyle change. Our weekly group sessions have helped me stay accountable to the goals I set for myself and understand that it's okay to not be perfect, but even taking a small step towards your goal is a huge win!”

Lynna N.

Executive Assistant, Google


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